About Us

Hebei Electric Motor Co., Ltd. is a professional electric motor manufacturer targeted at the high-end market of global supply chain, and mainly provides super efficient and energy-saving electric motors and special purpose electric motor products. Our products are optimal substitutes for similar imported products. Hebei Electric Motor is the earliest enterprise in China that is engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of the efficient and super efficient electric motor products (of NEMA Premium standards). It is also the first company in China to export large amount of motor products to North America, and its export value is the largest, which opens the gateway for “Created in China” to enter the world market. For many years, the company always sticks to the brand strategy, and has established good brand reputation and recognition. The company also keeps improving its capability in the independent innovations during the development of new products and the exploration of high-end supply chain markets in the world. The company is making efforts to improve its influence in the market and has realized leap development.

Our main products include IEC, NEMA standard electric motor, variable frequency/power frequency motor, variable frequency motor, special motor for compressor, special motor for reducer, ME roller motor, direct drive tractor, special motor for locomotive, high voltage motor, explosion-proof motor, special motor for injection molding, synchronous servo motor, etc. Altogether we have more than 10,000 specifications of products in 15 major series.

We have gained multiple product certifications such as ISO9001, CQC, 3C, CE, CSA, UL, CC, etc. With the tenet of “guarantee customers’ benefits, care for the customers and make the customers satisfied”, we advocate the work principle of lean manufacturing and zero defect, and 100% customer satisfaction.