IEC General Purpose Motor 3

IEC General Purpose Motor 3

Low noise/ Long life/ Simple structure/ Smooth operation/ High efficiency
IEC general purpose motor features simple structure and high versatility. It is mainly used in the fields of water pump and wind turbine, etc.

· ZU series vibration source three-phase asynchronous motor is a kind of standard vibration motor used for common mechanical vibration source. Featuring high reliability, low noise, long life, simple structure, smooth operation, and high efficiency, it can be widely used for various kinds of vibration machinery in the fields of mining, metallurgy, coal yard, power plant, building, light industry, food industry, transportation, pharmaceutical, and casting industry, etc.
· Currently we have developed ZU electric motor for seed selection machinery, and YKZ motor for construction machinery. We can also provide customized motors for various purposes according to customers’ needs.
· The installation size (including product dimensions) is customized according to customers’ requirements.

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